Despite a widely-held opinion, dubbing does not merely consist of replacing the original voice with that of an actor/dubber.

Dubbing is a very delicate process: keeping exactly the same sense and style as the original version calls for a subtle process of transformation.
Good dubbing is so important that at times, the outstanding ability of the actor/dubber actually makes up for the less than perfect vocal skills of an actor in the original version.

It is at this point that the professional approach and competence of Raflesia's staff become an essential tool. It is the choice of a cast with the most suitable voices, the tone, intonation, pronunciation and numerous nuances that help restore the original meaning of the work in hand.
Regardless of the type of work being processed, attention to these and many other details is assured, guaranteeing that the finished product will match the original style and vision established by its creator.

The following are some types of products dubbed by us: Films, TV movies, Series, Cartoons, Documentaries, Commercials, Advertisements, Video games and Industrial films.